As some of you know, last summer was the first time we rolled out our Deep Clean idea. After performing the service a couple hundred times, we learned a lot about the process.

The most important thing we realized is that we need to do MORE of everything. We need more time to vacuum and scrub. We need more time to pay attention to the little things. And, based on customer demand, we need to add a couple additional services to really make the interior of your vehicle pop.

For this summer, we're offering three levels of the Deep Clean. As usual, we perform a #3 Super Wash. Then, we thoroughly scrub every surface inside your car, as much as humanly possible.

We would love it if you left your car with us for a few hours. We know it might be somewhat inconvenient to do so, but the more time we have, the more thorough the cleaning. It would really help if you called ahead and booked an appointment to ensure that we have the proper time and manpower to do the service correctly. And, in some cases, we won't know how long it will take to work on your car until we get to work on your car. The aim is to be thorough, not to win a race, and we don't think anyone wins if we were have to rush the job.

The pricing is tiered based on vehicle size and level of dirtiness:

$105for a regular car

$130 for a minivan or SUV, or a really dirty regular car

$150 for a large SUV, or a really dirty minivan

​What constitutes "really dirty"? You and the manager can discuss that on a case-by-case basis. We've found that customers who get Deep Cleans tend to be our diehard regulars who love us and who we love right back. We want you to be happy, and we're sure we can work out a price and explanation of services that will satisfy everyone.

And, remember, we can really work wonders if you give us the time to give your vehicle the attention it deserves! Here's a couple of before and after photos from last year:

Fine print and disclaimers:

○ Due to limited space in our tunnel exit area, the Deep Clean will only be offered through October.

○ For safety reasons, and to allow us unimpeded access to the interior of your car, we request that you remove all car seats and boosters and plan to reinstall them yourself, either at a police/fire station or an authorized car dealer. If a car seat or booster is left in the vehicle, we will be forced to work around them, as we cannot remove or reinstall car seats and boosters.

○ Before you drop off your car, please clean out your passenger areas as much as possible, since we have no way of knowing if a one-armed Luke Skywalker action figure is a cherished plaything or destined for the trash.

○ We reserve the right to perform the service at management's discretion following an initial consultation prior to payment.

○ Please be aware that we may quote a price of $75 for normal-sized cars if they are very extraordinarily dirty.

○ We will not begin work on your car until both you and a manager agree on a reasonable expected output based on our initial inspection.

○ Please be advised that this is not a full detail service for a number of practical reasons. (They are too many to list. Please speak to a manager.)

○ We have a 48-hour mutual cancellation policy. This allows us to plan our schedule and alert you in the event of closures due to weather or repairs.

○ Feel free to alert us to specific problem areas when you drop off your vehicle and we'll be happy to see what we can do.

​​Deep Clean...


Besides the normal scrubbing and vacuuming, we're also offering what we're calling the Deep Shine. As the name implies, we hand-apply shiny treatment to the interior of your car.

The pricing is:

$15 for seat treatment

$15 for dashboard treatment

We decided to split the service in two because there are people who might not want their seats wiped down, or your car might have cloth seats, or your dashboards that look fine but the seats could use it, or vice versa. You get the idea.

We're also offering the Deep Shine service separate from our Deep Clean Washes. If you get a #1 Regular Wash and want your seats shined, just let us know and we'll be happy to do it for you.

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